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The #17MinutesForMe challenge is now over – we hope you enjoyed it!

The challenge on social media


Team and influencers

We’ve got a team of women and men, young and old, athletes and new starters, each getting active at their pace, their time. Check back soon to see more leaders as they’re announced…

  • Week 1.Matt Johnson
  • Week 2.John
  • Week 3.Anna Williamson
  • Week 4.Donna Fraser
  • Week 5.Lucy
  • Week 6.Nick Bright
  • Week 7.Adele Roberts
  • Week 8.The whole team!

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is a British television presenter and personality from Caerphilly, Wales, best known for presenting in the interactive "Hub" on ITV's This Morning. Since becoming a Mind ambassador in 2014, he has spoken openly about his journey within the media, including his most recent documentary ‘Matt Johnson: Depression and me’. Matt will be leading week one of the challenge, helping us get into the groove with some exciting activities.



John is a peer support volunteer and Run Leader for Jolly Joggers, which is part of Dudley Mind’s Get Set to Go programme. John took up jogging for the first time just over 18 months ago, following his own challenges with anxiety, depression and isolation, and has seen the benefits of how being more active can impact on your mental wellbeing first-hand. He now enjoys being part of the Jolly Joggers community, meeting and inspiring new people and supporting people from couch to 5k. No matter what your age, background or fitness level, if you go at your pace, being active can change your life!

Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson is a British television presenter, best known as the co-presenter of children's programmes Toonattik and Action Stations! As a trained counsellor, Anna has recently published an insider’s guide to conquering anxiety, Breaking Mad. Anna also joined fellow mind ambassador, Matt Johnson in captaining the Mind 3000 hike for Team England and will keep the momentum going during week three with some awesome advice and activities.


Donna Fraser

Donna Fraser is a 4x Team GB Olympian and Vice President of UK Athletics. She has travelled the world competing in games and championships from Sydney to Osaka, mainly in the 200 and 400 metres. Donna continues to be active and loves helping others to work on their mental and physical wellbeing together.



Lucy is an England Athletics Mental Health Ambassador and RunTogether Run Leader, supporting people who are experiencing mental health problems to start, get back into, or continue running as a way of improving their wellbeing. She'll be leading the way in week 5 with some exciting new activities and helpful advice on how to keep our bodies and minds healthy!

Nick Bright

Nick Bright, from BBC Radio 1Xtra, will be joining us in week 6 for some brand new challenges designed to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. As a DJ, Nick of course loves music, but he's also passionate about giving back to the community and setting personal challenges that help improve wellbeing.


Adele Roberts

In week 7 we're joined by the fantastic Adele Roberts from BBC Radio 1. She'll be telling us about her passion for fitness and music, with new challenges and recommendations for great tunes that motivate, inspire and keep you going throughout your #17Minutes.


The whole team!

In the final week of #17MinutesForMe, we'll be celebrating our achievements as a whole team. Get involved with the last 3 challenges!


My body, my mind. My pace, my time.

#17minutesforme is a pioneering new collaboration between England Athletics and Mind, bringing together mental and physical health.

Each week for 8 weeks, a diverse group of leaders will send you a set of flexible, 17-minute activities – right in your inbox on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can choose when and where you do them, and there are accessible, seated versions. And if you miss an activity or three – don’t worry! This is all about getting active at your pace, in your time. It’s your body, your mind.

Group leaders

If you’re a group leader doing #17minutesforme offline with your group, click here for our leader resource.

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